Building Trust with Medicaid Members through Personalized Care

May 18, 2023

In healthcare, trust is an invaluable currency. It forms the foundation of the patient-provider relationship, leading to improved health outcomes and increased satisfaction. However, especially when it comes to Medicaid members, trust in the healthcare system is strained at best or broken at worst. Factors such as long wait times, bureaucratic hurdles, fear of unexpected bills, lack of cultural competency, and a history of systemic disparities have eroded trust. Addressing these trust gaps and building stronger relationships with members is crucial for delivering effective and equitable care. One way to achieve this is through personalized and community-based care, which encompasses tailored approaches to meet individual needs and preferences.

While digital health solutions play a significant role in expanding access to care and delivering convenient services, they can lack the personal touch necessary to build trust with members. This is where organizations like Ounce come in.

Ounce of Care provides care navigation and wraparound services within affordable housing properties. Ounce's approach to care goes beyond calls or texts by building relationships and connecting with residents on a deeper level. These real life interactions serve as a vital bridge to rebuilding trust with the healthcare system. These interactions create a space where concerns can be addressed, questions can be answered, and plans to reach personal wellness goals can be created together.

By having familiar faces and trusted allies who understand each unique community, Medicaid members feel supported and more willing to engage in their care. Ounce’s Community Health Leads work directly with members and prioritize understanding both health and social needs so they can tailor interventions accordingly. By integrating into the fabric of the community, these leaders gain trust and credibility, making it easier for Medicaid members to seek and receive the care they need.