For Providers and Community Organizations

Help residents access the services they need by meeting them where they live

Here are just some of the ways we can serve you:

Ounce CHLs develop trusted, in-person relationships with residents and understand their needs
Provide direct referrals and promote awareness of your programs among the residents who will benefit most
Bring wellness opportunities on site, reducing barriers to access

What Our Partners Are Saying

Partnering with Ounce of Care has been a great experience

“Partnering with Ounce of Care has been a great experience! Through the partnership, The Healthy Living team has been able to build relationships and provide nutrition education within the community.”

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Alexandra Brown

Nutritionist & Dietician Giant Health Living

Unwavering dedication to the community

"Ounce Of Care has been an outstanding partner in our mission to provide disease prevention and healthcare services in the Washington DC Region. Their unwavering dedication to the community has significantly enhanced our reach and the well-being of the people served."

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Brooke Barker

Project Manager, Five Medicine

Your services are a need for the community

"Everyone that I have either met or worked with at Ounce has been extremely knowledgeable and kind. You all continue to prove your services are a need for the community and natives like myself truly do thank you!”

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Alashia Bryant

Edenbridge Health

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