For Residents

Ounce is offered at no cost to residents of our partner properties

Our onsite team is here to serve you and your neighbors. If we're available in your building, stop by and see us, or give us a call! Together with our partners, we strive to help you reach your personal wellness goals.

Here are just some of the ways we can serve you:

Connections to doctors, healthcare, and social resources based on your needs
onsite screenings
Convenient onsite health screenings, vaccinations & health services
Reminders and support with benefit enrollment, including Medicaid, SNAP, utility assistance, etc.

What Residents Are Saying

The nation needs Ounce.

“Ounce is special and unique. They provide a beautiful service for those in need, and they are meeting people where they live.

The nation needs Ounce, but for right now, thank you for having Ounce in Ward 8 in DC.”

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Lakeith Womack

DC Resident

We've never had perks like this before

"I needed a new primary care provider and Ounce got me an appointment right away. I've lived at this property a long time and we've never had perks like this before!"

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Malinda Anderson

DC Resident

Responsive, caring, and really on top of things.

"We are so impressed with Ounce and their Community Health Leads. Their team is responsive, caring, and really on top of things. We encourage all residents to take advantage of their support and services."

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Tenants Association President

I can truly say that Ounce has helped me a lot

“I can truly say that Ounce has helped me a lot! They gave me info on a walking program in the area and helped me get involved in a nutrition program in the neighborhood."

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Theola Balton

DC Resident

So professional

"Since starting back working two jobs, Ounce has really helped me with the little things that single parents overlook or can't always take care of with booking appointments for me and my daughter. So professional while helping. Never hesitate to call them."

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Makiyia Gorham

DC Resident